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Submission guidelines:

  • Story has to be less than 20,000 words.  I love some 500 word stories.  I love some 20,000 word stories.  I’d be interested in anything in between. If it’s a good story.
  • Story has to be a good story.
  • There is no specific genre I am interested in.  I just want to hear a good story.
  • NSFW is fine.  Or not.  It can be as candy as Disney, or as rough as Bret Easton Ellis, or anywhere in between.  Just tell me a good story.

To submit a story, simply establish contact with me by filling out the form below, letting me know the word count of your story, with a brief synopsis of what the story is about.  From there I’ll reach out to you if I’m interested in reading the story, and production will begin shortly thereafter if I’m into it.

Cheers and thanks for considering submitting a story to this podcast!